Relationship on the rocks

A client review: This particular client’s Relationship was on the rocks. Comments like this one fuels me to continue doing what I love. Are you willing to continue to work on your relationship?

Michael is terrific; not only he listens and identifies problems, but unlike other therapists, he will make specific suggestions that his patients can use to address specific situations in their lives. Michael can provide the tools to help resolve conflicts and remedy situations that appear to be insurmountable! I recommend his services with no hesitation.

I don’t often get men willing and wanting to work on their marriage. This particular client was special in the sense that he wanted to make his marriage work even though his wife did not attend any sessions. I gave him the tools that he needed to navigate in his marriage and with his children.

No one said relationships are easy. However, if you are willing to put in the work the outcome can be very rewarding. Find the balance in your relationship. Talk about each-others needs. Communication is key. Ask me about my 7 – Step Guide to Self-Discovery and Awareness”. 

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Ask for help, find your life balance.

Stop the stigmatism in recovery. Think to be Different ™

Ask for help, find your life balance?

24 million Americans who are currently using illicit drugs and all family members and friends who are affected by this epidemic.

I believe this will inspire individuals suffering with addiction to seek treatment?

This video will help them understand that they are not the only ones suffering from this dilemma and that seeking help is not a sign of weakness. To admit an individual has a problem is great sign of a person’s inner strength and willingness to resist judgment.

How does this video work to end the stigma surrounding addiction?

It inspires those who have a drug dependency to find the courage to stand up for themselves, to take a different path, and not let illicit drug use of their past dictate their true character or their future.

What inspired me to create this video?

After 15 years of being involved in the drug/alcohol treatment community I have heard and witnessed thousands and thousands of individuals that never reached out for help for fear of being embarrassed, shamed and judged by their friends, families, and peers. These stories inspired me to write my book, “When Nobody’s Home,” which is meant to inspire those who suffer from addiction to look for solutions to the problem. My hope is to impact those who believe they are crippled by their own insecurities that addiction can be conquered and defined by their self-worth.

Take a look at the video:

Stop the stigmatism in recovery. Ask for help, find your life balance?

Overcoming Self-Destructive Behavior

Overcoming Self-Destructive Behavior

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The Needs Based Method

What is anger?

Anger is a normal adaptive emotion that one will encounter from time to time and not necessarily problematic. So the question is, What is anger? How is it manifested? When does anger become problematic? Anger is the indicator that a particular need is not being met in the moment. What we do with that reaction is what counts.

Sessions will allow participants to gain an understanding of how certain family dynamics can impact anger and aggressive behavior. How lacking specific social needs can impact ones emotions. How impactful anger can be towards thinking and behavior.

Benefits / Class Objectives

Participants will be able to identify, utilize, and improve awareness and understanding of anger: Identify and explore the history of situations that may trigger anger and how anger is expressed (e.g., verbal, threats of violence, assaults, damage to property)

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Parenting is not easy

Parenting is not easy, actually it’s hard work and we need support to be the calm, grounded parents we want to be using Non Violent Communication and The Needs Based Method®. Our goal for this program is to empower parents with better communication and listening skills to connect with your children. You can gain insight from others, such as emotional support and release the pressures of parenting.

What will you learn:

  •  Listening to what your child is not saying.
  • Hearing your child’s silent cry for help.
  • Learn new listening skills.
  • Limiting toxic behaviors that are transferred to children.
  • Learn how to validate their experience.
  • Increase parenting skills through Self-Awareness.

This program benefits parents with children and teens of all ages. It’s never too early or too late to begin healthy communication with your child.
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Five Biggest Myths About Drug Addiction

Five Biggest Myths About Drug Addiction – Medical Expert Reveals Fiction Vs. Fact About Heroin, Cocaine, Meth and Marijuana.

Heroin addiction is largely confined to minority populations in poor, urban areas, right? Not so fast. While that might have been the profile of a heroin user 20 years ago, today’s addict is white, young and living in the affluent ‘burbs. As I have state in my book “When Nobody’s Home”.

So says a comprehensive new study called, appropriately, “The Changing Face of Heroine Use In The United States,” published this week by the journal JAMA Psychiatry.

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Understanding addiction and recovery

Book cover and author bio