Relationship on the rocks

A client review: This particular client’s Relationship was on the rocks. Comments like this one fuels me to continue doing what I love. Are you willing to continue to work on your relationship?

Michael is terrific; not only he listens and identifies problems, but unlike other therapists, he will make specific suggestions that his patients can use to address specific situations in their lives. Michael can provide the tools to help resolve conflicts and remedy situations that appear to be insurmountable! I recommend his services with no hesitation.

I don’t often get men willing and wanting to work on their marriage. This particular client was special in the sense that he wanted to make his marriage work even though his wife did not attend any sessions. I gave him the tools that he needed to navigate in his marriage and with his children.

No one said relationships are easy. However, if you are willing to put in the work the outcome can be very rewarding. Find the balance in your relationship. Talk about each-others needs. Communication is key. Ask me about my 7 – Step Guide to Self-Discovery and Awareness”. 

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What is anger?

Anger is a normal adaptive emotion that one will encounter from time to time and not necessarily problematic. So the question is, What is anger? How is it manifested? When does anger become problematic? Anger is the indicator that a particular need is not being met in the moment. What we do with that reaction is what counts.

Sessions will allow participants to gain an understanding of how certain family dynamics can impact anger and aggressive behavior. How lacking specific social needs can impact ones emotions. How impactful anger can be towards thinking and behavior.

Benefits / Class Objectives

Participants will be able to identify, utilize, and improve awareness and understanding of anger: Identify and explore the history of situations that may trigger anger and how anger is expressed (e.g., verbal, threats of violence, assaults, damage to property)

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“When Nobody’s Home…” book release

This person decided it was important enough to make contact with someone in the literary world. So, to make a long story short we now have a Literary Agent, on the East Coast, who is willing to represent the book, “When Nobody’s Home…” Is this a dilemma or is this good fortune? Any suggestions?

Michael S. Oden MA., Author


“When Nobody’s Home…” book release


So here is the problem. The initial editor believed it was beneficial to have another editor fine tune the project.  Well, as she read the book, a couple of chapters hit home and she decided to share a portion of the book, “When Nobody’s Home…”  to a friend in the publishing world.  The book was well received by this person.  Book release date TBD

Michael Oden, MA.,FinalBookCover_house_02front Author

“When Nobody’s Home…”Bullies come in all sizes

In reading the article about the anti-bullying program I am curious if anyone has taken the time to look into the home life of the children that are doing the bullying?  As a Probation Officer that has conducted over 8000 interviews with individuals with a history of criminal behavior I have discovered that bullying is a learned behavior.  The large majority of these individuals come from a single parent household, absentee father, no supervision, various forms of abuse and no connection with their primary caretakers. These bullies are taking out there aggression on other kids because they are trying to get certain social/emotional needs met by diminishing the value of another person due to specific needs not being met at home. In other words, the bullied kid are paying for the bullies lack of self-worth, lack of empowerment, and choice in the home to name a few.  We need to remember that a child doesn’t bully unless he is getting something out of the experience of bullying.  On the flip side, a child who is supportive and cares for others is getting something out the experience as well.  Maybe their need for contribution.  Therefore, we need to gain understanding and empathy as to what the “bully” is experiencing at home so we can isolate the genesis of the problem and not the child.

The one common denominator that I have observed over the years are that any child, no matter the social economic status, will have the propensity to bully depending on their self image and the amount of neglect, emotional and physical abuse they have endured over the years within the family dynamic or a traumatic experience.

As we observe what is trending in today’s headlines, please note that “bullying” does not stop in high school.

When Nobody’s Home…An in-depth look at Drug Dependency through the eyes of a Probation Officer

Michael Oden, MA., Author

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