Relationship on the rocks

A client review: This particular client’s Relationship was on the rocks. Comments like this one fuels me to continue doing what I love. Are you willing to continue to work on your relationship?

Michael is terrific; not only he listens and identifies problems, but unlike other therapists, he will make specific suggestions that his patients can use to address specific situations in their lives. Michael can provide the tools to help resolve conflicts and remedy situations that appear to be insurmountable! I recommend his services with no hesitation.

I don’t often get men willing and wanting to work on their marriage. This particular client was special in the sense that he wanted to make his marriage work even though his wife did not attend any sessions. I gave him the tools that he needed to navigate in his marriage and with his children.

No one said relationships are easy. However, if you are willing to put in the work the outcome can be very rewarding. Find the balance in your relationship. Talk about each-others needs. Communication is key. Ask me about my 7 – Step Guide to Self-Discovery and Awareness”. 

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When life happens… 10 week coaching group. What stops you from taking the initial step? Finding life balance?

When life happens… 10 week coaching group begins on May 6, 2014 from 7-8:30pm
What are your fears? What’s holding you back from becoming a happier you?
Learn simple steps in becoming a happier, healthier you in just 10 week. We ask that
you commit yourself for the full coaching sessions.
What stops you from taking the initial step? Finding life balance?
• Fear
• Motivation
• Self worth
• Childhood trauma
Transforming your personal fears into success. Our groups will deal with everyday issues. Divorce, parenting, employment, life transitions and most of all, how to find harmony and mental wellness in your everyday life
A different topic every week. The group members will pick the topic and we will assist them to process the information as well as providing them with effective tools. Sign up for the The Needs Based Method ® coaching