Ask for help, find your life balance.

Stop the stigmatism in recovery. Think to be Different ™

Ask for help, find your life balance?

24 million Americans who are currently using illicit drugs and all family members and friends who are affected by this epidemic.

I believe this will inspire individuals suffering with addiction to seek treatment?

This video will help them understand that they are not the only ones suffering from this dilemma and that seeking help is not a sign of weakness. To admit an individual has a problem is great sign of a person’s inner strength and willingness to resist judgment.

How does this video work to end the stigma surrounding addiction?

It inspires those who have a drug dependency to find the courage to stand up for themselves, to take a different path, and not let illicit drug use of their past dictate their true character or their future.

What inspired me to create this video?

After 15 years of being involved in the drug/alcohol treatment community I have heard and witnessed thousands and thousands of individuals that never reached out for help for fear of being embarrassed, shamed and judged by their friends, families, and peers. These stories inspired me to write my book, “When Nobody’s Home,” which is meant to inspire those who suffer from addiction to look for solutions to the problem. My hope is to impact those who believe they are crippled by their own insecurities that addiction can be conquered and defined by their self-worth.

Take a look at the video:

Stop the stigmatism in recovery. Ask for help, find your life balance?


When we believe we are helpless

When we believe we are helpless and our self-worth is in jeopardy individuals tend to shame themselves into destructive behavior. We can now learn that shame is a made up illusion that can be dispelled when the proper methods of healing are applied to the emotional wound.
Understanding the origins of core beliefs and how they can lead to pathological suffering is a requirement needed for healing and change

My daughter is on a meth binge

As the mother began to talk about her past drug use as a young women she mentioned how she was abandoned, neglected by her father and how her mother tried to be there for her but she was too emotionally frail to offer any support for as she was growing up. As a young mother with no paternal support she mentioned how she used drugs, partied, and would leave her daughter in the apartment by herself for days at a time in order to satisfy her drug fix. The mother began to tell other stories where she left her daughter with strangers or anyone who would take her so she could go off and get high. I began to see the tears well in her eyes as she was telling the stories while looking at her daughter. The daughter did not say anything while her mother spoke about her past, she continued to look down trying not to be seen. The mother looked down at the ground and for the first time realized how her behavior impacted her daughter. In her defense, she proceeded to tell me that her irresponsible behavior that was behind her. She stated that she and her current companion are doing really well in life by working a business together, making enough money to pay the bills and staying out of trouble. She continued to say that she has finally found peace and predictability in her life.

to be continued…

Family dysfunction and substance abuse

We are not winning the war on drugs and the average age that a person first experiences alcohol keeps dropping. I am not okay with this. Every day as I talk to people who have had tough starts in life, tough childhoods, and struggle as adults I see why they in fact choose to drink and do drugs to cope and survive.

Family dysfunction and substance abuse is a systemic problem that is passed from generation to generation until the cycle of neglect and abuse (be it directly or indirectly experienced) is put to rest and healing occurs for the individual. I do not see substance abuse as a disease. I do see that for many it becomes an escape hatch from tough situations, if only for a short while.

April Marks 28th Alcohol Awareness Month