To our Professional connections and Face

To our Professional connections and Facebook Families!
A year’s end is always a time for reflection, gratitude, hope and commitment; a time for family, friends, celebration and prayer. And even a time to take a breath and reflect on the past year and the upcoming year.
We join you in gratitude this season for an amazing year of challenge and growth; for a year that allowed us to spend time with all of you – be it in the classroom, through a phone call or email, or even just a “daily dose” – we have learned and grown because of your presence in our lives.
Through the wonderful people we meet through our efforts, our passions are fueled, our energies restored and our spirits ignited. We wish to you a prosperous, joyous and safe New Year. May 2016 be a year where you and your loved ones experience an abundance of Love, Light and Blessings. Let us collectively pray and strive for a better tomorrow, and may we be always mindful that our existence makes a difference to all who are touched by our work and presence. As you begin your New Year, remember, Health is the new Wealth, so please take care of yourself!
Merry Christmas
Michael & Alina


This act of acknowledgement makes what I

This act of acknowledgement makes what I do even more impactful. This is how I know that what I do is changing peoples life.
I want to say hello and thank you. we met several years ago and the Salvation Army. my name is J.R., I need you to know that you have been an incredible impact in my life and in my recovery. and I wanted thank you you’re always on my mind and in my heart. I need to apologize for the delay in contacting you.. I had lost your card and I just come across it. Stay well my friend thank you once again.