What are you thankful for?

What are you thankful for?


During the holiday seasons I notice a sh

During the holiday seasons I notice a shift in people. They seem to be more irritated, less tolerant and their life diminishing behaviors are heightened. I will be posting weekly tips on how to help you reduce some of the emotions that are associated with this “happy time of the year” Week #1 is “Negative Comments”
In this first week, we will discuss how to unplug from a comment that a family member can say that will upset you( push your buttons).
When families get together, no matter how old you are, it seems like old habits and memories surface. When a family member says something to you that brings up a painful memory simply ask them “What are you gaining from saying that to me”? Asking this question will take a lot of courage. This puts the ownership of a response on them. They are now responsible for their response. We at The Needs Based Method call this “Catching the bullets.”
Look forward to week #2 coming next Thursday! “Understanding Anger” https://youtu.be/EG798I_tUl0