Seeking your personal truth is never eas

Seeking your personal truth is never easy, but once you know why you do what you do you will find peace withing yourself. #awareness #understanding

Hello Michael and Alina,
I truly enjoyed your video. It’s informative, hits home, and is a sincere olive branch to those who seek answers. Loved it!
Thank you for sharing.
Director of Corporate Relations
Latino Students Business Association
California State University, Dominguez Hills


During the holiday seasons I notice a sh

During the holiday seasons I notice a shift in people. They seem to be more irritated, less tolerant and their life diminishing behaviors are heightened. I will be posting weekly tips on how to help you reduce some of the emotions that are associated with this “happy time of the year” Week #1 is “Negative Comments”
In this first week, we will discuss how to unplug from a comment that a family member can say that will upset you( push your buttons).
When families get together, no matter how old you are, it seems like old habits and memories surface. When a family member says something to you that brings up a painful memory simply ask them “What are you gaining from saying that to me”? Asking this question will take a lot of courage. This puts the ownership of a response on them. They are now responsible for their response. We at The Needs Based Method call this “Catching the bullets.”
Look forward to week #2 coming next Thursday! “Understanding Anger”