What stops you from taking the initial s

What stops you from taking the initial step? Finding life balance? #makingadifference #thursdaytreat #quote #movingforward #TheFinalStep


We will be having an Entrepreneurial tra

We will be having an Entrepreneurial training on 10/30/15 @ CSUDH. Join us @SBEC @GS10KSmallBiz @fbsmallbiz @SBDCLosAngeles learn about thinking styles.

Lamar Odom’s past filled with so much p

Lamar Odom’s past filled with so much personal tragedy: this is a perfect example of what will or can happen to an individual who does not deal and heal with their personal/childhood trauma. No amount of money, notoriety, power, fame, can over come the emotional turmoil an individual experiences when it comes to childhood trauma. I have experienced many clients who carry their childhood trauma into adulthood. In order to get past the pain of our past an individual must be brave enough to deal and then heal the cause of their pain. In my book, “When Nobody’s Home,” I discuss the topic of fatherless children and how that impacts the future behavior of an individual. I hope Lamar is able to look at what pains him so he can find direction and purpose in his life. Lamar, if you want to find out your reason for your behavior call me. http://www.michaeloden.com http://sports.yahoo.com/news/lamar-odom-s-past-filled-with-so-much-personal-tragedy-073802695.html?
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From another therapist: Thank you for sh

From another therapist: Thank you for sharing your gift with us last night during the networking session.
I know the world is waiting for you to shine brightly in sharing more of yourself. I would love to get to know more about how your addiction recovery process works. I have had many friends who have either been in addiction or 12 step programs. I have some theories about that and invite a time to chat more deeply about it.

If I can be of assistance to you in any way before, during or after your Rejuvenate experience, please let me know. Having gone through it, I know it’s nice to have someone to bounce ideas or feelings off of.

I look forward to seeing you in November.

May 19, 2015 Subject: You da man Oden! M

May 19, 2015
Subject: You da man Oden!
Mr. Oden,

Just in the brief time you spent with me this afternoon I already feel recharged and refreshed. It’s always nice to hear in a logical and non-clinical vocabulary how easy it is to be free and trust my inner-self to guide me through life. I like “me” again. Not since childhood have I felt this way about life or myself. Again, life is magical and without limit. I’m no longer seeing life with that emotional haze. I’m clear minded and sure-footed in all I do today. Your lessons are amazing and truly life altering. I am free today because of your training and guidance in the truth as to who I am. Thank you for letting me enjoy myself again after so many years of unnecessary pain and toil.

Account Executive JVS Construction Group/
Investments & Development