Hispanics and treatment for addiction

Interesting, it may have something to do with the fact that Hispanic’s are now seeking treatment. Addiction on the Rise in the Hispanic Community | The Fix http://ow.ly/ETRQB


Five Biggest Myths About Drug Addiction

Five Biggest Myths About Drug Addiction – Medical Expert Reveals Fiction Vs. Fact About Heroin, Cocaine, Meth and Marijuana.

Heroin addiction is largely confined to minority populations in poor, urban areas, right? Not so fast. While that might have been the profile of a heroin user 20 years ago, today’s addict is white, young and living in the affluent ‘burbs. As I have state in my book “When Nobody’s Home”.

So says a comprehensive new study called, appropriately, “The Changing Face of Heroine Use In The United States,” published this week by the journal JAMA Psychiatry.