#throwbackthursday @holy_cross alumni fo

#throwbackthursday @holy_cross alumni football game 2011
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Michael S. Oden MA, DPO II, an expert in

Michael S. Oden MA, DPO II, an expert in addiction, set out to answer that question. He brings his years of experience to offer insight on the truth behind drug abuse, addiction and human behavior. In his new book, “When Nobody’s Home,” Michael offers eye-opening evidence of the true causes of addiction and drug abuse. He also offers solutions to the problem when the underlying causes are identified. http://ow.ly/CjiS5

#Amazon Review A TRUE PAGE TURNER This b

This book is a definite must read! I can not put it down. The subjects in this book touch close to home and anyone who has had issues with drugs or has dealt with drug abuse can relate to this reading.
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