As a professional in the healing business I am going to go out on limb. Something was troubling Robin Williams just as something troubled Heath Ledger, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.What do all of these men have in common? All successful in their careers yet all ending their life prematurely. Why? Why was reality so painful to experience where they had to end their lives, prematurely? I hear the term “depression.” What do these individuals have to be depressed about? Only they would know. They had money, fame, fortune, notoriety yet, there has to be something missing. I hear the word depression come up time and time again. Simply, I see depression is an accumulation of 15 or more unmet needs. What “needs” were not being met on a consistent basis. The Needs Based Method deals with what needs are not being met at the time an individual makes a life diminishing decision.


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