Our book has been published. Order yours:

Our book has been published. To order your copy contact us. We are offering a discounted price until July 26, 2014. Below is the link from the publishing company and is also available on Amazon. http://ow.ly/yvqEH http://ow.ly/i/62Kyl


My journey with Lymphoma cancer allowed

My journey with Lymphoma cancer allowed me while convalescing during my lengthy Chemo treatments to champion the notion that I publish this book during this juncture in my life—because no one ever knows what life has in store for them. In those ten months not once did I give up, instead I was determine to publish When Nobody’s Home. The presence I have in the world doing what I do the way I do it, is because of all who have touched my life, which is my own “Hero’s Journey.”

“When Nobody’s Home” uncovers and reveal

“When Nobody’s Home” uncovers and reveals how childhood trauma is the origin of drug dependency. During my work as a Probation Officer I have met individuals who have been impacted by drug or alcohol anywhere from 5 years to 35 years. This book delves into the deep rooted issues of abandonment, neglect, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. And, it is key to remember that trauma of these kinds occurs in families from all of the socio-economic spectrum. http://ow.ly/ymT3u http://ow.ly/d/2hmi