My daughter is on a meth binge…Conclus

My daughter is on a meth binge…Conclusion
What a difference a week makes. Last week this family came into my office full of panic and uncertainty. A week later I greeted them at the door and I noticed nothing buy smiles and joy on their faces. The mother told me that she couldn’t believe the transformation and the difference that one visit made. I looked at the daughter and noticed she gained some weight and appeared very receptive and just plan happy. The mother and father thanked me from the bottom of their hearts and were grateful for what I had done for them. I felt a sense of relief and joy that I could contribute to their lives. I watched them, with smiles on their faces, walk out building one last time. I will never forget the daughter’s new found smile and feeling of certainty as she held her mother’s hand knowing her world would be a much safer place.


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