What causes a person to use drugs if it

What causes a person to use drugs if it “really” is not beneficial for them?
I was determined to go behind the scenes with my clients and come to understand what specific social/emotional need(s) were being met by consuming drugs day after day and year after year. Otherwise, why would a person choose this type of behavior? I had a difficult time believing that these individuals had some disease of the mind, that they would never recover fully, and that to avoid relapse they would need to attend support meetings—literally for the rest of their lives. A lifetime of meetings couldn’t be the only workable solution, could it?
The first question I ask every client is, “What was your drug of choice?” After their initial response, I pose my next question, “Why do you think you started to use drugs?” Common responses include “because I wanted to,” “because I felt like it,” “because if feels good.” But the response most interesting of all to me and also the most popular is: “I don’t know, no one has ever asked me that question before.”
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“the truth” exposes a client to the gene

“the truth” exposes a client to the genesis of their emotional pain that they were either afraid to look at because “the truth” would awaken them to what really transpired and there are times “the truth” can be too painful to accept because it involves individuals (caretakers) who they expected to be there socially and emotionally for them and they were unable to do so. http://ow.ly/wM6Cn

Throughout my experiences I noticed that

Throughout my experiences I noticed that “the truth” can be one of the most uncomfortable and revealing experiences a client can endure because it will expose them to “the truth” about their life, how they think, what they feel, how they behave and who was directly or indirectly responsible for their demise.

Thank You! a note from a connection: “M

Thank You! a note from a connection: “Michael: it seems like you are doing some very interesting work with addicts that is ground breaking. I am curious what made you start on this modality, was it neuroscience, or just your experience? Your videos certainly demonstrate success in any case. I wish you continued success in your work and congratulations!” http://ow.ly/wQsVP