My daughter is on a meth binge

As the mother began to talk about her past drug use as a young women she mentioned how she was abandoned, neglected by her father and how her mother tried to be there for her but she was too emotionally frail to offer any support for as she was growing up. As a young mother with no paternal support she mentioned how she used drugs, partied, and would leave her daughter in the apartment by herself for days at a time in order to satisfy her drug fix. The mother began to tell other stories where she left her daughter with strangers or anyone who would take her so she could go off and get high. I began to see the tears well in her eyes as she was telling the stories while looking at her daughter. The daughter did not say anything while her mother spoke about her past, she continued to look down trying not to be seen. The mother looked down at the ground and for the first time realized how her behavior impacted her daughter. In her defense, she proceeded to tell me that her irresponsible behavior that was behind her. She stated that she and her current companion are doing really well in life by working a business together, making enough money to pay the bills and staying out of trouble. She continued to say that she has finally found peace and predictability in her life.

to be continued…


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