My daughter is on a meth binge

As I listened to the story the Rolodex of related stories I stored in my mind began to churn to find where this scenario fits into the experiences I heard from my past clients. I told the man on the phone to bring his daughter to my office so we can gain understanding behind her behavior and methamphetamine use. My daughter is on a meth binge. The caller asked me about the idea of having her daughter enter a treatment program. I asked him, “Have you enrolled your daughter into a treatment program before?” The caller said, “Yes.” “How did that experience work out for you?” “The caller said that she has run away from every treatment program she has ever entered.” I informed the caller that I have interviewed thousands of drug/alcohol dependent individuals and your daughter experience is no exception. I said,” if you want to find out “why” your daughter continues to use then I recommend you bring your daughter to my office so we can get some answers.” The caller responded by saying, “I will be there in 30 minutes with my daughter and her mother.” Before I hung up the phone, I said, “Ask for me at the front desk.”

to be continued….


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