When Nobody’s Home… A look at Alcohol & Drug Dependency

If drugs and alcohol are the answer, what is the question? What causes a person to choose drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism for survival?

Substance abuse and  dependency occurs in all socioeconomic groups. It doesn’t discriminate. After more than 8000 interviews with clients on probation for drug and alcohol offenses, Counselor and Deputy Probation Officer Michael Oden sees a recurring pattern that for these adults in recovery in their early years there was essentially “No one home.” Michael offers practical tools and techniques for counselors and clients that facilitate real and life long change.




When Nobody’s Home… Inside look at Drug & Alcohol offenders.

My goal in writing this book is to not only to help the reader to understand how and why individuals begin to depend on drug use, but to understand how the early family dynamics, and what went on behind the scenes, play a major role in the decisions an individual will make throughout life.